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FAQs for Manufacturers

What is Accurate’s main objective?

Accurate offers the most efficient and cost-effective way to increase a manufacturer’s sales by giving their products exposure to architects, design professionals and spec writers. 

What types of products or industries do you serve?

We will consider any product that might be used in construction. That ranges from ordinary building supplies to innovative, state-of-the-art technology. We are continually searching for the newest products and best solutions.

What do you look for in a product?

We’re seeking something unique that fills a gap in the marketplace. We also look for best-in-class products and technologies that have exceptional features or capabilities. We don’t accept all products nor work with all manufacturers. We have an extensive vetting process that supports our industry reputation for quality.

Why do you target architects and specifiers versus other groups in the construction industry?

Architects are decision makers. They are specifiers of building-related goods. Often they don’t care whether they specify product A or product B, as long as it seems to have the right features and falls within the allotted budget. When making such an arbitrary decision, they’re likely to pick whatever they’re most familiar with. Our job at Accurate is to make sure they’re most familiar with your product.

Are you a replacement for our own sales people?

Absolutely not. We extend their reach to find new customers. Our network of architects, design professionals and spec writers consists of many firms and individuals who probably aren’t on the radar of your sales people. We get in the door and introduce your products to the right people. We build name recognition for your company, brand and products in the market. Whenever possible, we also provide your salespeople with specific leads that they can then pursue.

Why can’t we just tell our own salespeople to call on architects like you do?

You can, but they probably won’t see much success. Architects, design professionals and spec writers need to be approached with the right etiquette. They are busy people, and the last thing they want to do is spend their limited time listening to a sales pitch. Accurate has an advantage in that we’ve already spent years cultivating relationships with top-tier architects. They see us because they know we “speak their language” and are good at finding quality products and new technologies that can help them do their job better.

How does Accurate differ from a manufacturer’s representative?

Our network of contacts differs from the typical manufacturer’s rep. We specifically target architects, a group that is rarely on the rep’s radar. We make sure that our products and presentations meet specific architectural needs. Our single-minded focus makes us more relevant to architects and also results in a warm reception for the products and technology we present.

How are you paid?

Accurate gets no commissions. Instead, we work on a monthly retainer paid by manufacturers. There are no additional fees for things like travel and presentation expenses. Our clients find that our retainer is often covered with just one or two sales that we generate.

How much does your service cost?

We offer three different levels of service. You choose the package that best fits your needs. We can provide details on what each entails and costs upon request.

How long a commitment do we need to make to your program?

We require a minimum initial commitment of four to six months. As you probably know from your own sales efforts, it takes time to make the right connections and begin seeing the results. A period of six months will give you a realistic picture of what you can expect in terms of ROI from our service. After the initial six month period, you can continue month to month.

Where are you located?

Our office is in the San Francisco Bay area, but we call on and engage with architects and specifiers throughout California.

Can you provide any references?

Sure, no problem. We’re happy to offer you the contact information for clients who know our work.

If you’re presenting multiple products to architects, how can we be sure our product is getting the attention it deserves?

Of course, you’ll know if you’re getting additional leads and sales via our bi-monthly status report. But it’s worth mentioning that most of our clients appreciate that we represent multiple products. It’s for that very reason that architects consider us a resource for finding new products. They know we keep abreast of the latest technologies and newest products and don’t hesitate to contact us when they’re seeking a solution for a specific situation. Additionally, we’re always looking for opportunities to bundle sales and create package deals that benefit all involved parties. An architect interested in one of our products is likely to also need other related products and technology.

Will you take on products that are new to the marketplace?

Yes. We can help you begin to build a sales base for new products. The architects we work with look to us as an information resource. They appreciate when we can recommend a new product that solves a problem or is an improved solution to what they’ve been using.

Will you work with startups?

Yes. We love startups, especially those in the sustainability and technology sector. We can help them accelerate their visibility in the market and begin building a solid customer base.

Do you provide price quotes to architects interested in our products?

While we may discuss general pricing information per your guidelines, we don’t insert ourselves into the sales process.

Once a connection has been made, you’ll provide your quote directly to the architect/specifier who is interested in your product. This is not only efficient, it also assures both you and the customer that there’s no hidden markup.

What does Accurate do when presenting products to architects?

We’ll explain the unique benefits of your product and technology to the project spec writer, architect, or decision maker.

Additionally, when we learn of a specific project, we’ll push for meetings early in the design process so we can influence specifications that require your product. If appropriate, we’ll also ask that the architect to add your product to their list of master specifications.

Do you stay in touch with architects after the initial meeting?

We do! We continue to nurture the relationship, all the while being mindful that they don’t want to be hounded. We also send them via regular mail our monthly newsletter so they see our name and begin to familiarize themselves with the products we provide.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We certainly believe you’ll be pleased with your return on investment in Accurate’s program. However, if after a fair trial period you’re not satisfied with our service, we will offer you a pro-rated refund.

Okay, we’re interested. What’s the next step?

Let’s schedule an appointment to meet. We’ll want to learn about your product and company as part of our vetting process. And you’ll probably want to learn more about our service. Assuming all goes well, then we’ll add your product or technology to our roster and begin introducing it to architects. Get ready to see sales!

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