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FAQs for Architects

Why should I meet with Accurate?

We can make your job easier. As an architect or spec writer, you can’t possibly know everything about every material. The universe is too vast.

Because we are continually seeking out new products and technologies, we can save you time doing research. We may also be able to introduce you to new products and technology that are better solutions than what you’re currently using.

How can I best use your services?

We’d like a brief initial meeting to get to know you and get some background on your needs. After that, we’ll keep you abreast of any new products with periodic visits, phone calls and our monthly newsletter.

How do I know the products you represent are of good quality?

We do an extensive vetting process before taking on a new product and working with a new manufacturer. We are highly selective to ensure that our name and reputation are only associated with excellent products.

What happens when I need products beyond those that you represent?

Consider Accurate an architectural material and technology resource. Call us when you require a certain type of product or have a problem you wish to solve. We’ll work with you to find the optimum solution. We’re all about saving you time and sourcing what you need.

How is Accurate different than say a typical manufacturer’s representative?

We have a wider breadth of products. We’re not focused on one specific niche or specialty. And we’re resourceful. As we said, you can come to us with a problem, and we’ll quickly find you a product and technology that solves it.

So I can simply call you whenever I have a specific need or maybe even send you a list of products for a project?

Absolutely. We’re here to help connect you with the right manufacturers and experts to meet your requirements.

How much does your service cost?

That’s the best part! It’s free to you. We do not charge architects and design professionals for our services. Our fees are paid by our manufacturer clients to help them get the visibility they need for their products.

When I specify a product that you represent, do you get a commission?

No, and there’s no hidden markup. You get your quote and make your purchase directly from the manufacturer. All we do is make the introduction and maintain the relationship. Accurate is paid by that manufacturer with a flat monthly fee that does not include any commission for sales.

Okay, I’m interested. What’s the next step?

Let’s set up a time for a brief meeting. We’ll want to learn more about your business. Then we’ll tell you about the products and technologies we represent and how you can best benefit from working with Accurate. Of course, there’s never any obligation to use our products or professional services.

Contact us today to schedule your meeting.

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