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A Better and More Effective Mousetrap

Hi, I’m Tom Dioro, the founder and president of Accurate. This business grew out of my obsession to find sustainable building products and technology that is better, faster and more cost effective. I know that’s an odd thing to obsess about, but as far back as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the discovery of a better and more effective mousetrap.

Filling a Void

After many years in the architecture and construction industry, including working as a buyer for Home Depot’s commercial division and then as a business development director with several architectural firms, I realized that the continual research and sourcing I did on construction products “for fun” could be of significant use to the AEC industry.  

Today, we work with award-winning architecture + design firms and major municipalities. World-class cities and Fortune 500 companies also rely on us as their trusted-advisor. 

Additionally, I discovered a gaping void in the market. Architects were too busy to research new products and stay abreast of emerging technologies. Consequently, when specifying supplies for their projects, they went into default mode, choosing the same architectural products and brands they’d always used in the past.

Even more surprising was that building product and technology manufacturers rarely pursued architects in their sales efforts. And the few that did, were often met with rejection, as architects didn’t have the time nor desire to listen to a sales pitch.

An Information and Intelligence Resource

Accurate was developed to bridge that gap. We help manufacturers increase sales by getting their products in front of architects, design professionals and spec writers. And we help architects stay up to date with the latest product developments and trends. It’s a win-win situation.

Our clients range from large, industrial companies selling standard building supplies to cutting-edge entrepreneurs offering sustainable and next-generation technology products. We call on architects and specifiers throughout the state of California, cultivating long-term relationships with them and serving as a trusted resource for their project needs.

How It Works

Our services are free to architects, who appreciate our efforts to help them stay current. Our manufacturing clients pay us a monthly retainer. Even though we generate sales, we don’t request a commission and we don’t mark up their price on products. This process works!

As one of our manufacturer clients recently said, “That architect you introduced us to has already led to an increase of 35% in sales. And we now have more projects in the pipeline than we’d ever had before. You’ve helped us tap into a deep well of demand that we simply couldn’t access before. Thank you!”

Let’s Chat!

We strive to provide a unique and valuable service. Whether you’re a manufacturer or architect, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you and explore what exciting benefits we can bring to your business!

Tom Dioro, President


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