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The ACCURATE advantage :: Manufacturers and Professional Services

So much of what's at stake in the realization of architecture depends on our material and technology choices

Accurate is engaged daily in the architect, specifier + design (ASD) community and solidifies relationships via our personal engagementon-site, face-to-face meetings and visits. We help ensure the selection and specification of the highest-performing and sustainable building material, technology and professional services. So you can generate scalable, predictable revenue.

Now before you go any further, please know we cannot help everybody. The best architectural designs deserve the best material and technology.

We can be of significant advantage [only] if the architect + specifier community can benefit from your architectural product and technology. If so, you can enjoy speed-to-market, brand awareness and on-going loyalty.

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The ACCURATE advantage :: Architect, Specifier and Design (ASD) Community

The architecture industry is constantly changing and so are your critical information needs

Today, the total sum of all human knowledge doubles every 12 months! In regards to effective and sustainable solutions, you can never read or know all there is about architectural products + technology. The key may be to understand that you can't keep up with all the new products, knowledge, and technology, no matter how current it is. In fact, to stay productive and profitable, you might be better off not even trying. 

To source building materials and technology can be time-consuming, costly, and overwhelming. Architecture and construction has evolved from a business of one captain and many lieutenants to more of a collaborative business in which several captains work together for the greater good.

Accurate is obsessed in the ways buildings express the quality of the materials utilized.  Consequently, you save significant time and money because we source, vet, and recommend solutions-based product manufacturers, technology experts, and specialty contractors.  

Our mission and purpose is to better assist you with identifying and specifying the right solution for your building project. Our respect for project budgets and schedules, joined with the commitment to quality architecture, engineering and design enable us to deliver the maximum benefit for you.

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KBI Flexi®-Pave
The original flexible porous paving system.

Watershed Blocks have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to ordinary concrete block while providing captivating beauty and the same structural performance.